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The Shelter for graphics in need of loving owners!
The Sheltered are graphics, of all sorts, in need of loving owners!

Welcome to the graphics community of clear_sarcasm. This is where I will post all sorts of graphics which I've created. I make mostly icons, though I also do banners, headers and wallpapers. I tend to focus on certain things I like, such as my favorite people, television shows, movies, musicals and stock images!

However, since the reason for posting graphics is that someone else may use them, I'm willing to take requests and suggestions. If you have any requests or suggestions, please comment on an entry or PM me with them. If I am unable to fill your request, I will be honest with you about it and try to point you in the direction of someone else who may.

At some point, I may bring in other graphic artists, but for now this community is for my work only.

# Please credit clear_sarcasm @ the_sheltered
# Do not hotlink! Please save the images you want and upload them to your own server.
# Comments are loved! (it's nice to know which people like, so that I can make more.)
# Please don't alter! Textless icons are not bases! However, I'd be happy to add text, if you'd like.
# Images, photos and screencaps are not mine but please do not claim graphics as your own.
# Icons are free to use on LiveJournal, other blog sites, messageboards, etc. If used elsewhere I'd still appreciate credit.

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killer_culture , picturethecrime
sarich_graphics , sssleepforever

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CREDITS: Header and all graphics by clear_sarcasm. - Current layout by tears_of_ruby but modified by clear_sarcasm.

No Copyright Infringement is intended. If you see a photo of yours and would like it removed, please PM me and I will do so, as soon as possible. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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